The first mentions of metallurgical production in our area date back to the 13th century, when German colonists built mining estates, which also included iron processing and blacksmithing.

In the village of Prakovce, the so-called iron hammers were first mentioned in year 1586.

The year 1760 is given as the official year of establishment of the ironworks in Prakovcie, since iron processing has continued continuously until today.

An important landmark was the year 1921, when the AJAX brand featherweights began to be produced for the first time. In the years 1937-1938, relatively large buildings were built - an annealing plant, a steel plant, a blacksmith's shop and a tin shop. The great continuous development of the plant occurred after the Second World War, when the plant was incorporated into the enterprise of the United Steel Company Kladno. In 1947, the plant was transferred to the company ČKD Kriváň with headquarters in Bratislava. In this period, the predominantly metallurgical production begins to be significantly oriented towards engineering. In 1949, the plant was attached to the company VSS Košice. In the years 1950 – 1958, the plant operated as an independent enterprise Strojáreň Prakovce. In 1959, it was incorporated into the ZTS Martin group of companies, and in 1968 a new forge was opened, where we currently do business.

On September 1, 2010, the company Kováčňa Prakovce was founded. r. about..

The company TREVA p. r. about. builds on the rich history of metal processing in Prakovce. The skill and technical ability of the employees together with experience, the constant development of the workforce and forging equipment, the introduction of progressive management methods, guarantee the further development of the company to the satisfaction of our customers.