Shotblasting equipments – Hanging-sanding device

Hanging-sanding device TZ 3-7,5/16-18 and filtration unit FZ-D 6

Technical parameters TZ 3-7,5/16-18
Manufacturer SURFIN s. r. o.
Name – Type TZ 3-7,5/16-18
Max. turning diameter of workpiece 1 600 mm
Max. height of workpiece 1 800 mm
Max. capacity of curtain 1 000 kg
Number of jet turbines 3 pcs
Diameter rotor of turbines 350 mm
Power wheel throwing 7,5 kW
The amount of blast media in the hopper 800 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 4 143 x 5 516 x 3 855 mm
This equipment is intended only for blasting steel or cast iron components granules (beads) or a mixture of steel shot, angular grit with a maximum of 40%. In this equipment may be nozzle parts with max. dimensions (diameter x height rotation) 1.6 mx 1.8 m and a maximum gross vehicle weight 1000 kg, grates on the floor of the workpiece can be loaded with a weight of 2000 kg.


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