Our company offers high-quality instruments that are used in the laboratory for tests or in the laboratory, where they prepare the individual samples.

In addition to the technological equipment (left to choose from) the quality control Department has other ancillary measuring devices:

  • Pyrometer IR 1600 A
  • Hardness probe DTH 100
  • Pyrometers in the inductor to forging lines
  • Nutrometers SUPITO
  • Echo-sounder, radial calipers, micrometers, gauges, altimeters
  • Defektometer M 1.837
  • Scales (0-200 kg)
  • Digital scales WMD 40.03 and WMD 30.1
  • Hardness Brinell HPO 3000
  • Portable hardness Foundrax Model 134

Brinell hardness BRFest 29-A injection with automatic evaluation

This hardness tester uses each electronic load using AC servo motor, so operation of the machine is quiet and very accurate, and can be adjusted in the range of press-time 0-60 seconds with an accuracy of + / – 1%. Hardness is equipped with a new digital sensor and evaluation unit, which corresponds to the standard EN ISO 6506-1 and is suitable as a test in a laboratory, as well as for industrial environments. Evaluation of image and its subsequent processing can be performed manually or automatically.

Charpy hammer LabTest CHK 300J test for notch impact strength

Basic machine parameters:

  • Simple and safe operation
  • High stiffness and resistance to vibration
  • Instant digital display of measured values on LCD display
  • This unit meets all required safety standards such as DIN 51333, EN ISO 13489 and other European standards. These standards are in force since 2009
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2450 x 1400 x 500 mm
  • Weight about 750 kg
  • The impact velocity of 5.23 m/s

CK 300 switches the following standards and requirements:

  • ISO 12100-1, EN 60204-1, EN 1050, EN 954-1, DIN 51233
  • ISO 148-1, ISO 148-2, EN 10045, DIN 50115, ASTM E 23

Charpy hammer CHK 300J is computer controlled measuring instrument for testing impact strength of materials. Measurement of the impact strength of materials by CHK LabTest ® 300 is the usual norms and standards DIN, EN, ASTM, ISO and BS. The special version hammers can also be transferred to the test in the temperature range from -190 °C to +180 °C. Excellent ergonomics can sample fast break and enter. This system suits the precise testing according to ISO 148 and ASTM E 23, when the sample after removal from the chamber temperature must be within 5 seconds break.

Universal Testing Machine LabTest 5.200 SP1 for tensile and compressive tests

Basic machine parameters:

  • Digital electromechanical testing machine
  • Range of loads from 0 kN to 200 kN
  • The force measurement according to EN 7500-1
  • Support for standards CSN, DIN, EN, ISO, ASTM, GOST
  • The force measurement from 0.4% to 100% of sensor range
  • Resolution position of the cross-1μm
  • Control the power and positional loop (FULL STEP)
  • Electronic and mechanical overload protection
  • High standard range of shoes and preparations for testing tension, compression
  • Connection of mechanical, optical and laser broachingmeter
  • Software Test & Motion or DYNAMIC (for dynamic tests)
  • Export data in corporate networks

Properties Software Test & Motion:

  • Simple and inductive
  • Direct access to almost all the standard ways of evaluating
  • Digital display of all channels
  • Editable channels
  • Results of individual/optional
  • Store the resulting data in ASCII format, SQL and Excel

LabTest 5.200SP1 is designed for static mechanical tests in tensile and compressive samples, but also the whole product. Used in quality control of products for entry and exit control materials and engineering goods and automobile manufacturing.

3D measuring device WENZEL X ORBIT 55

3D measuring device WENZEL ORBIT X 55 is computer controlled measuring instrument with max. permissible error of measurement of lengths MPEe = 2.3 microns. 3D measuring device allows to measure basic geometric shapes (circle, plane, line, cone, sphere, spot, drum, etc..) and subsequently evaluated (average distance, angles, etc..). 3D measuring device allows measurement of unknown waveform and on the basis of processing using basic geometric shapes and evaluate them.

Electromagnetic crack detection device MAS 500

Spectrometer SPECTRO MAXx for chemical analysis of the material

Sample preparation

Samples are produced on these machines:

  • Lathe SUI 32
  • Miling machine 676 P
  • Turret lathe R 5
  • Grinder BAT 20